Jason Senior - The Meat Man

"The Meat Man"

Attention Meat Lovers!

“Here’s how you can get tender,
succulent, restaurant quality meat
(at next to wholesale prices)
delivered to your home...And

         It's 100 Percent GUARANTEED!”

Dear Friend,

Are you a serious meat lover?

If so, then this might be the most exciting message you’ve ever read!

Here is why:

My name is Jason Senior and I would like to introduce you to The Monthly Meat Club (Don’t worry...membership is absolutely free!) All you have to do is enjoy saving money on your monthly meat bill and accept our FREE gifts to you...gifts that are valued at $63.95...(I’ll tell you about the gifts shortly.)

Being a member of The Monthly Meat Club lets you buy restaurant quality meat at next to wholesale prices often letting you make remarkable savings.

For example...our Scotch Fillet that would normally retail for around $77.00 a kilo is only $56 a kilo when you are a member of the club. Porterhouse that would sell for around $76.00 a kilo retail is only $41 a kilo. Eye Fillet – normally $90 plus a kilo – only $69.95 a kilo.

And get this: You won't find this meat in your local supermarket or many butcher shops.


The answer is simple: This premium grade of beef (which is 100% grassfed and hormone growth promotant free) is often reserved for Melbourne's top end restaurants!

And what this means is. . . 



But these are only a few of our premium, high quality eating products that deliver a mouthwatering, flavourful dose of meat eating heaven to you, your family and guests. We also have lamb, pork, chicken and a range of quality sausages and other specialty products to satisfy you.

How Can We Afford To Offer You Premium Quality
Meat At Remarkably Low Prices?

Actually, there are two very simple reasons:

First of all, because we deliver to you, we don’t have to lease a shop for you to collect your meat from and we don’t have to hire as many staff to service individual orders. Basically, we don’t have the high overheads that other businesses have.

Naturally, YOU Save A Lot Of Money 
When We Save On These Overhead Costs

And secondly, we sell to you in bulk. Selling to you in bulk saves a lot of money on handling and processing that normally adds to the cost of meat. 

Let me show you what I mean with an example: If you are buying steak you will receive a large uncut piece of meat called a ‘primal cut’.

For instance, typically a full eye fillet primal cut weighs about 2 kilograms. It is about 50 centimetres long and 10 centimetres wide. It is vacuum sealed in a tough plastic bag...all the oxygen is removed from the bag and made airtight so that there are no leaks.

This vacuum sealed cut of meat keeps for about three months when kept in the right conditions (at about 2 degrees Celsius.)

In fact, this is how most of the steak meat you buy now is packed when it leaves the abattoir and goes to a butcher shop, restaurant or supermarket. The butcher or chef then slices it up into steaks ready for selling or cooking.

But it costs money to slice these ‘primal cuts’ into steaks and then repackage them for individual sale.

Because We Don’t Do This We Pass
These Savings On To You!

All you have to do is slice the meat up yourself, use what you want to use, and then place the rest in the freezer for future eating.

So, for example, a scotch fillet that weighs about 2.5 kilograms could be cut into 9 to 12 steaks depending on how thick you want your steaks to be. So that would mean you have to slice the meat 7 to 10 times...

Not Much Work For You To Save Something Like
$21.00 On A Piece Of Meat Like That!

And think about this...now you can decide how thick you want your steaks to be. If you like your steaks thicker or thinner it will be totally up to you.

Frankly, I like my steaks cut thick because I enjoy cooking them a very certain way. What I like to do is sear them in a very hot pan so that a light crust is formed on each side. Then, I put them in the oven to cook further...until they’re medium to medium rare. I find thicker cuts of meat work really well cooked this way.

In fact, recently I cooked some pieces of our rib eye steak this way and they were simply delightful. The meat was beautifully marbled and simply melted in my mouth.

And get this: the meat was so tender I could cut it with a butter knife!

Of course, you might enjoy your steaks cut thin and quickly pan fried...or cooked on the barbecue.

Whatever. The point is this: now you can have exactly the size steak you want.

And It’s Very Easy To Do!

But you know what? Just in case you’re a little intimidated about cutting your own meat, I want to give you a DVD (valued at $9.95) absolutely FREE. This DVD will show you exactly how to cut your meat. You will see a qualified butcher demonstrating how to cut these ‘primal cuts’ of meat and showing you a few tips and tricks along the way.

If, on the other hand, you find the idea of slicing up large pieces of meat like a five kilogram piece of porterhouse too much for you...DON'T WORRY!

We also have a Trimmed, Sliced and Vacuum Packed option for you!

If you choose this option your meat will be trimmed, sliced into steaks and vacuum packed with roughly 4 to 6 pieces of steak to one vacuum sealed bag. This means you can simply throw what you're not going to use soon straight into the freezer...making it super easy for you.

This option will cost a little more because of the extra work required but I think you will find the price you ultimately pay very, very competitive.

But wait! That’s not all...

If you order $250 or more I’ll give you a Giesser Slicing Knife valued at $54...absolutely FREE!**

This knife is used by chefs and butchers to slice meat and will be a great addition to your armoury of knives.

You’ll see there are grooves or scallops along the blade of the knife. 


The grooves create air pockets when slicing meat which stops the knife from ‘sticking’. This makes the blade of the knife slice easier which means slicing requires less effort.

What this means is that when you receive your order you will have no trouble at all cutting and slicing your meat.

Listen to what one of my customers said about her FREE knife:

“The knife is fantastic, I like it better than my Wusthof Trident knives.”
Monique Wolstenholme, Brighton East

And Imagine How Much Money You 
Might Save Yourself Over A Month!

Depending on how much meat you and your family eat, you might save as much as $50, $100 or $150.00 a month...or maybe even more. Over a whole year that would be a massive $600, $1200 or $1700.00 in savings to you.

Imagine what you could do with the money you save. Maybe use it towards taking yourself and your family away on a nice holiday, make Christmas and other gift giving occasions more affordable, pay off your credit card quicker...the choice is yours.

Consider this: If you simply ordered a piece of eye fillet (average weight 2 kilograms), a piece of scotch fillet (average weight 3.5 kilograms) and a piece of porterhouse (average weight 5.5 kilograms), as many of my customers do each month, the total price would be as follows...*

Eye fillet: 2 X $69.95 (per kilo) = $139.90
Scotch fillet: 3.5 X $56 (per kilo) = $196
Porterhouse: 5.5 X $41 (per kilo) = $225.50

Total is $139.90 + $196 + $225.50 which equals $561.40

Now let’s do the same sums using some prices I recently saw at the supermarket:

Eye fillet: 2 X $95 (per kilo) = $190
Scotch fillet: 3.5 X $77 (per kilo) = $269.50
Porterhouse: 5.5 X $76 (per kilo) = $418

Total is $190 + $196 + $418 which equals $877.50


“But Jason, What About The Quality?”, I Hear You Ask

Listen: if you’re anything like me you like to save money when you can. But it wouldn’t matter how much money I could save –- if I had to eat meat that was like an old rubber boot I wouldn’t buy it no matter how cheap it was. In fact, I wouldn’t even take it if it was given to me for free (Well, O.K., maybe I would...but only to give it to my dog, Max!).

But, by being a member of The Monthly Meat Club, not only are you paying cheaper prices for your meat, you will find you are eating more tender, juicier and more flavoursome meat than you normally would.

Why? Actually there are two very important reasons.

Firstly, the beef you buy from The Monthly Meat Club is MSA graded meat.

What is MSA graded meat?

Well, it is a system developed by Meat Standards Australia that ensures people (like you and me) get a consistently high quality of meat every time we buy it.

You see, in 1996 Meat Standards Australia surveyed over 100,000 consumers who tasted and rated almost 700,000 samples of meat to come up with a system to ensure the high eating quality of meat would be met all the time.

It works by ensuring that specific requirements are met throughout all parts of the supply chain or, as some might say, ‘from paddock to plate.’

To put it simply: the animal’s breed, nutrition provided to the animal and how well the animals are raised and handled are important factors that contribute to meeting the MSA grade.

Keeping animals happy and in a stress free environment is super important because stressed animals produce tough meat.

Providing you with only MSA graded meat means you are supporting better animal husbandry and, as a consequence, you will get consistently higher quality meat.

And the second reason why you will be happy with your meat from The Monthly Meat Club is because we age the meat.

You see, one of the things that happens to vacuum sealed meat is it continues to age inside the bag.


It’s a process called ‘wet ageing’ and is now the primary method of ageing beef.

Traditionally, meat has been dry aged ‘on the bone’ -- meaning the beef carcase is hung for a period of time in strictly controlled temperatures before it is broken down into individual cuts of meat. Ideally, a carcase should be hung for at least 14 days (preferably longer) to fully develop flavour and tenderness.

However, here is a curious fact: Because of the increased costs in ageing meat this way, ageing on the bone is rarely done for anywhere near this period of time. In fact, nowadays a carcase would be lucky to hang for 2 days!

Let me tell you, that’s just not enough time for meat to fully develop flavour and tenderness.

‘Wet ageing’, though, allows us to age meat to its optimal level.

And listen to this: According to AUS-MEAT (who develop, maintain and review accreditation standards on behalf of the Australian meat industry), there is just about no difference in how tender meat becomes using either aging ‘on the bone’ or ‘wet aging’.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

Because we carefully manage this ‘wet ageing’ process, your meat is aged for an optimal amount of time, allowing it to fully develop its flavour and tenderness. This means you will receive succulent, tender and juicy meat that will simply delight you. It’s true. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what a Monthly Meat Club member recently said:

“Shortly after getting home I watched the DVD and cut up the steaks. I ended up with 8 rib eye steaks and 13 scotch fillet steaks. I was happy with that. Then I fired up the BBQ and cooked a couple of the rib eye steaks for dinner. I have to admit, I don't always believe the marketing hype...but WOW! They were so tender, so juicy, and so tasty. They were the best steaks I can ever remember eating - and that's saying something. Everything you said in your letter and on your website was spot on - it wasn't hype at all as it turns out. Well done on a great business idea and thank you for the high level of customer service and the personal touch. I hope to place an order each month and continue to enjoy your high quality products. Just thought I would let you know.”
Darrin Siemers, Emerald


As well as our MSA graded meat we source from only the best suppliers, you can also get a premium MSA graded brand of beef called Cape Grim Beef.

Cape Grim Beef is grown in the northwest of Tasmania and is sort after by some of the best restaurants in the country and the Australasian region. Restaurants such as:

  • Luke Mangan’s Salt Grill
  • Neil Perry’s Rockpool
  • Railway Club Hotel, Port Melbourne
  • Middle Park Hotel
  • Botanical Hotel, South Yarra
  • Stefano’s, Mildura

And many more.

Cape Grim is said to have some of the cleanest air and rainwater on Earth...and now you can buy this wholesome, grass-fed beef at next to wholesale prices from the comfort of your own home at The Monthly Meat Club.

Here’s what one of my customers said about the Cape Grim beef she ordered:

"We compared the Cape Grim scotch fillet to our regular choice of grass fed scotch fillet and it was so much better and around half the price. The Cape Grim Scotch Fillet was amazing and full of flavour"
Kate Luckins, Elwood

Do You Want to Know About Our Lamb?

The lamb you buy from The Monthly Meat Club is LAMB. Real lamb. Real lamb from Victoria.

What do I mean when I say “Real Lamb”?

I mean it is not mutton or hogget. I mean it is sheep that is less than 12 months old.

Do you know what mutton and hogget are?

Hogget and mutton are older sheep and tend to have a stronger flavour than lamb because they have a higher concentration of fatty acids than lamb.

They also tend to be tougher than lamb because of the amount and age of connective tissue in the flesh. Because of this, hogget and mutton are best used for slow cooked dishes. And some people prefer the stronger taste of hogget or mutton in those kinds of dishes.

And that’s okay.

But if you want lamb, you should get lamb. Unfortunately, many places tell you that you are buying lamb when, in fact, they are giving you hogget or mutton. Not so at The Monthly Meat Club.

The bottom line is this: When you order lamb from us, lamb is what you get.

“We had 16 people over for dinner on Saturday night and everyone was raving about your lamb leg.”
Graeme Johnson, Camberwell

Okay, What About Our Chicken?

Our chicken (which is RSPCA approved) comes straight from a farm in Bendigo and is so succulent and juicy. The reason it is so succulent and juicy is because it is so fresh.

The chicken you receive will only have been ‘dispatched’ within the last 24 hours. You won’t be able to say the same about chicken you buy in the supermarket or many other places.

In fact, often when you see chicken prices a lot cheaper, you’ll know it is older stock and the business is trying to get rid of it.

“Your chicken is particularly good. I don’t know why, but it’s much better than the stuff we’ve got from the supermarket before.”
Anthony Holdsworth, Surrey Hills

If you prefer your chicken free range have I got great news for you!

You can also get Loddon Estate Free Range Chicken delivered to your home.

Do You Like Pork?

Listen, our pork is sourced from Victorian farms who practise ethical management of their animals and you will be simply delighted by its taste and price!

Here’s what one customers said about our pork,

“Hi Jason, just wanted to say thank you. I placed an order with you guys and I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the quality of the meat and service. Got the scotch fillet and sausages and they were tasty and juicy. The pork loin I cooked that up for a family function and the family all enjoyed it, juicy and the crackle finished it off. I have recommended the monthly meat club to a lot of family and friends, so looks like you’ll be getting a few more orders soon. Keep up the good work, quality meat and great prices, I’ll defiantly be back and thanks for the knife, so easy to cut.”
Joe Buttigieg, Brighton East

And What About Sausages, Mince and Burgers?

“I tried the sausages and they passed with honours.
I had long since stopped buying sausages...most are
about as interesting as sawdust sandwiches.”
Francis Burns, Middle Park

Our sausages are made by a guy who is a specialist sausage maker (a real ‘artisan’ when it comes to sausage making) who prides himself on quality, customer satisfaction and reputation.

And what do I mean when I say ‘quality’?

Actually, there are two very good explanations:

Firstly, he uses natural casings to make his sausages...not the artificial casings the supermarkets (and other establishments) make their sausages with. 

What this means is his sausages will give you a wonderful crisp snap when you bite into them...and then the casing will simply disappear and allow you to enjoy the full flavours of the sausage itself.

And secondly, this guy uses quality ingredients and ensures there is at least 80 to 85 percent real lean meat inside his sausages.

What’s so important about the fact that he puts 80 to 85 percent real lean meat in his sausages?

It’s really quite simple: most of the sausages you buy from the supermarkets (and other cheaper establishments) would be lucky to have 50 to 60 percent real lean meat in them. That means just about half of the sausage you’re paying for...and eating...contains ‘something else’ other than real lean meat.

What is that ‘something else’? Again, the answer is very simple: The rest is simply ‘filler’, water, fat and connective tissue (such as skin, rind, tendon, gristle and sinew).

That’s why the supermarkets (and other establishments) can sell their sausages cheap. The most expensive ingredient that goes into a sausage is lean meat itself. If you buy sausages for $5 or $6 a kilogram there won’t be a lot of actual lean meat in them. You will be paying for ‘filler’, fat, connective tissue and water.

And here is a little secret I can share with you: sometimes those places will sell the very same sausages for a lot more...increasing their profits massively!

But you don’t have to put up with this.

Now, you can choose from a range of quality sausages delivered right to your door.

Here is a list of choices: (by the way, there are about 12 sausages to a kilogram and each type is sold in 3 kilogram or 2 kilogram quantities.)


Beef Sausages  
Pork Sausages  
Chicken Sausages  
Lamb Sausages (lamb, rosemary, mint and honey) 
English Beef Sausages (beef, onion and Worcestershire sauce) 
Country Garden Sausages (beef, peas, corn, capsicum, tomato and onion)


And, there is the Cape Grim beef mince which, at the risk of being redundant, comes from 100% grass fed and hormone growth promotant free beef.

Cape Grim Beef Mince $44 for 2 kilograms (that is $22 a kilo)


And don’t forget about the burgers. Here’s what one of my customers said recently:

“My son said the burgers were the best ever!”

Jodie Peter, Camberwell

And What About The Time You’ll Save?

No longer will you have to waste time shopping for meat, dealing with the crowds and the parking. You will simply choose what you would like to buy in the comfort of your own home...then receive your meat in perfect condition.

What’s that? You Say The Monthly
Meat Club Prices Are Okay But You
Can Find Cheaper Meat Elsewhere.

Listen, if you are looking for the very cheapest meat you can find then The Monthly Meat Club is probably not for you.

You see, in the wholesale meat market there are a number of different grades of meat you can buy. And the quality of each grade will determine the price. The lesser the grade…the cheaper the price. Of course, the higher the grade…the higher the price. And when you buy your meat from a shop or supermarket, generally you will never know which grade you are buying.

So if you want to buy really cheap meat you can expect it to come from lesser grade quality.

On the other hand, at The Monthly Meat Club, we buy the very best grade of meat we can and aim to keep it at a reasonable price for everyone.

And here’s a little secret I want to let you in on: The margins we put on our meat (meaning the mark up or profit) are so small it’s actually embarrassing. The only way we make money is by having lots of customers buying enough meat for their monthly needs. So, when I say you are buying restaurant quality meat at next to wholesale prices…that is exactly what I mean.

How Do You Become A Monthly Meat Club Member?

Simply click on the order form button, and order online.

Alternatively, you can print an order form and order offline by clicking here


When I have received your order I will tell you when we deliver to your area.Or you can simply call me now on 9998 2777 (or email jason@themonthlymeatclub.com.au) to find out delivery days to your area.

Once your order is confirmed, I’ll put it together and have your money-saving meat purchase delivered to your home on the agreed delivery day. You’ll pay a small delivery fee of $9...but remember, you are already saving a substantial amount of money buying restaurant quality meat at wholesale prices and having the convenience of it being delivered to your home.

You’ll receive your order inside a foam esky. If you are not home when the delivery arrives, no problem. You see, inside the esky there’ll be ice packs that will keep your meat cool and in perfect condition until you get home and put it in your fridge.

If you are not going to be home on the day of the delivery just let us know where you would like us to leave it and we will follow your instructions.


If you are not 100 percent delighted with any of the meat you buy from The Monthly Meat Club simply call me and let me know. You will then receive a full refund for the product you are not satisfied with. . .no questions asked (well, I might ask you why it didn't meet your expectations for quality assurance purposes, but that's it).

I cannot be fairer than that, don't you think?

You see, I put myself in your shoes. That is, if I were going to buy meat from someone I didn't know. . .that was going to be delivered to me before I ever got to see it, I would want some sort of assurance that my hard earned money wasn't going to go to waste. And I'm pretty sure that's what you would want too, right?

And that is why I FULLY GUARANTEE the products at The Monthly Meat Club. It means you simply cannot go wrong.

Look, I know there might be a few people who will try to rip me off. . .but I'm willing to take that risk to put you at ease with making a purchase from The Monthly Meat Club.

Why Is It Called 
The Monthly Meat Club?

What I have found is that many people like to have meat delivered in this way once a month.

You see, my customers like the convenience of buying their meat in bulk (not to mention the savings they are making!) and storing much of it in their freezer. All they do then is pull out what they want to eat...let it defrost...cook it to their liking...and then enjoy it!

No running around to the supermarket or butcher. It is all right there for them to enjoy.

And don’t worry if you need more meat sooner (or later) than a month. You can simply place your order for any day that we deliver to your area.

For instance, you might find you have a large family function on during the middle of the month and need more meat. Just fill in another order form (or email, fax, or call me) and let me know which day you’d like it delivered.

It really is very easy and simple to be part of The Monthly Meat Club.

Am I Crazy To Give Away FREE
Gifts Valued At $63.95?

Maybe...maybe not. Actually, these gifts are nothing more than a shameless (but ethical!) bribe to entice you to become a member of the club.

You see, I am convinced that once you start enjoying our tender, succulent, flavoursome meat...and...begin to see the savings you are making on your monthly meat purchases...you will want to continue being a regular customer.

Do you agree that this is a great opportunity to begin making real savings buying meat that will simply delight you...while also getting a couple of free gifts?

I hope you do. I’m looking forward to serving you and hearing of your experience with The Monthly Meat Club.

js signature
Jason Senior
‘The Meat Man’
P.S. Please order online, mail, email, fax or call in your order immediately to get started in The Monthly Meat Club and get your FREE gifts including the Granton Slicing Knife valued at $54 (for orders of $250 or more)and your DVD valued at $9.95 showing you how to slice your meat (total value of these gifts is $63.95)
P.P.S. And you are under no obligation to continue with your membership whatsoever. If at any time you should decide you no longer wish to be a part of the club... no problem...you still get to keep the $63.95 worth of FREE gifts. You really can’t lose.
P.P.P.S. If you would like to talk to me about your order my telephone number is 9998 2777 or 0409 500173. Thank you.


* Prices subject to change

** For new customers only and limited to one per household